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Last updated   31st July 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This site features:
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FJ20ET Pintara         RB20DET Pintara           HR30 Skyline           FJ20 into HR31 Skyline



Technical Features


HR31 Front Strut Replacement

HR31 HICAS Steering Reconditioning




After many years I am pleased to say that I have finished the conversion in my HR31 Skyline. It is now powered by the mighty FJ20ET.


This is how she looks these days...

I am especially proud of the number plates. I think they're just the icing on the cake!   :-)

Behind the driver's side vent in the bar is a 36 row B&M Racing oil cooler. Behind the passenger side vent (the stock one) is a H/D power steering cooler. The following picture shows why it needed a power steering cooler...

The reservoir is right next to the exhaust housing of the turbo! I've made a stainless shield for it, but I wanted a cooler all the same.


First up I should explain - this was never meant to be a race car, it's too heavy - just a nice cruiser that has some grunt when you put the foot down - and that's exactly what it is.  :-)

A more recent pic of the engine bay.


Another more recent pic of the bay, showing new fuel rail




I'm also pleased to say that the HICAS works beautifully

As does the Autospoiler

Has had a rack rebuild and steers excellently

It has had a full gearbox rebuild and shifts like a dream

Has had new strut inserts in the front and is much more controlled on rough roads

Rotates tyres (on private roads) on boost in 2nd gear at 15psi. Not a bad feat for a 1390kg car with sticky 245 Goodyear Eagle F1's on the rear

It now has a 12" sub and amp package (Clarion) in the boot, which is good because it still has useable boot space! and is removable should I need the room

The ECU is now an EMS DualSport. This is as far as it can be upgraded without going to the next generation of computers. It's going ok so far!

16x7 front and 16x9 rear BBS rims, with 205/50x16 and 245/45x16 tyres respectively



Things I'm doing at the moment are:

Upgrading the old fittings for water cooling of the turbo to Speedflow fittings - to stop the weeping

Installing Walbro 500HP fuel pump

Installing aftermarket fuel rail with Speedflow fittings

Installing 780cc injectors



Things I plan to do in the near future:

Re-tune ECU for whatever boost this turbo will push

Hopefully have some fun!   :-)








This is my other vehicle - what's left of a Suzuki Sierra


It has 37" tyres and a 1.6L Vitara engine. 6.1 RockCrawler gears in the transfer case and rides on Hilux diffs and springs!

Full cage and stainless fuel cell, tube rear end, 12000lb winch (about 5.5 tonnes) and placed 8th out of  37 other trucks  in the 2006 Tuff Truck Challenge!




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Thanks to my friend Akihiko for suggesting the creation of this site....established early 2000....



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